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  1. Susan

    Hi, Thanks so much for all this great info. I am coming to Nashville for the 2013 AMA awards and conference and as this is my first trip to Nashville had no idea what to do, until now !

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Susan. There’s lots to do in Nashville with a little something for everyone if you know where to look.

  3. Katie

    Hi! This is a great list of places to explore :) I just moved here from Louisville and this will definitely be a great guide. One suggestion though, Coffee,lunch. on 10th Ave. S. across from Cummins Station should be on your list for some of the best lunch in the city. Steak and Gruyere hoagie need I say more?

  4. Good call Katie. I’ve actually been there a couple of times early on when they opened. I need to go back. Also need to do a 2014 refresh of this post. Lots of changes.

  5. Jeff

    Just moved to Nashville from Pittsburgh and this post has been incredibly helpful! Looking forward to the 2014 refresh!

  6. amy j.

    Could you update this list for 2014 since you said there were additions and changes? Thanks so much…making our “to do” list for summer! : )

  7. Thanks for finally writing about > A Local

  8. Jennifer Floyd

    How in the world can you get into the Bluebird. Couldnt get a reservation, and couldnt get in standing in ljne! My reason for coming to Nzshville!

  9. sharon

    Good morning! I hope that you are still looking at the comments on this! We are coming to your wonderful city this coming weekend, to celebrate a birthday. Do you have any recommendations for good music spots which our teens could join us at? Country, alternative, rock, whatever. Thanks!

  10. Angela

    Thanks so much for writing this! Takes a lot of the work out of making plans! :)

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